Securely conducting exams on iPad with GeoGebra and Jamf

In the conclusion of our three-part blog series, we highlight how the Sewanhaka Central High School District has taken on testing and given students a better avenue to showcase their learnings.

May 22 2019 by

Daniel Weber

The Sewanhaka Central High School District, located on Long Island, New York is comprised of five junior and senior high schools and serves thousands of diverse students.

If you’ve been following along to our three-part Sewanhaka blog series, you’ve read how a 1-to-1 iPad program and Jamf remove barriers for students and provide them with the resources they need to be successful in and out of the classroom, and the profound impact iPad has had on special education curriculum.

In our conclusion, we highlight how the district has taken on testing and given students a better avenue to showcase their learnings.

Technology meets the New York State exam

With the 1-to-1 iPad program, district students were provided an Apple iPad device paired with the free GeoGebra app — a powerful graphing calculator tool.

Previous to the program implementation, not everyone had access to a graphing calculator. But, by leveling the academic playing field and offering iPad and GeoGebra, more than 250 students from the district used Apple iPad devices for the first time to complete their Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II Regents New York State exam.

This method ensured that each student had the tools they needed, and no one was at a disadvantage because they didn’t have access to the hardware and/or software other students were using.

To securely conduct the exam, the district used Jamf Pro to lock each device into exam mode and restrict all other device functionality.

Best management solution for education technology

Sewanhaka’s program serves as a great precedent for other school districts who are also considering replacing traditional programs with new technology.

To make the implementation of modern education practices a reality for all sizes of schools and districts, we offer two education solutions to meet your exact needs.

Ideal for teachers or instructional technologists and empowers educators to manage devices from the classroom.

Ideal for IT directors, managers or admins and offers a wide-variety of Apple management features.

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