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May 23, 2019 by Danny Porter

Use case upon use case for Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset

Discover how the Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset apps are helping schools, hospitals, hospitality and retail organizations maximize their Apple investments.

In October 2018, Jamf launched two apps to power shared-use iOS deployments — Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset. These apps make it simple to use a single device to support multiple customized use cases, a game-changing ability for IT admins and users across all industries.

When these two new apps were announced at the 2018 Jamf Nation User Conference, Marc Sylwestrzak, IS Experience and Development Director of UC San Diego Health (UCSD) and Adam Mahmud, Jamf Healthcare Lead, shared how easy it was to empower end users to safely and securely deploy and wipe their own devices in three simple steps.

“We are able to provide a bank of tablets, use Setup to identify the bed a patient is in. Upon transfer, it is automatically wiped. We can also take advantage of Reset and have them wipe the device and ready it for the next person,” said Sylwestrzak.

Fast-forward to today and you may be asking yourself, “How can Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset be used in my organization?"

Read on to see how and learn from your colleagues who are already taking advantage of these two apps.

Jamf Setup

By leveraging the power of Jamf Pro, including Smart Groups, Jamf Setup provisions devices for the exact needs of the current user. IT admins can then distribute devices and let users choose the configuration that best reflects their role and needs. Once a user selects their use case, Jamf Setup communicates that election back to Jamf Pro.

Schools are using this app to customize a whole cart of iPads to be used for different classroom needs. What once took days of preparation, now can be done in a few clicks. Students or teachers can go in to Jamf Setup, select the subject they are in, and instantly the apps for Science, Math or English class appear on the screen. And then, when the iPads need to go to another classroom, they can be easily reconfigured to the next classroom’s needs.

Retail establishments and restaurants are also seeing the benefits as they explore configuring iPads based on roles from Server to Host to Manager to Kitchen.

I recently had an opportunity to talk with another Jamf Setup user who needed to solve the problem of assigning a limited number of available apps only to users who requested the app. He didn’t want to scope the app to Jamf Self Service, but instead wanted students to request the apps they needed. Using Jamf Setup, the student would request the app, which in the background would scope the device to the appropriate Smart Group. To the student’s eyes they had three clicks to get the app, but in the background, the IT administrator was able to assign apps to devices that were “chosen” from within Jamf Setup.

Jamf Reset

Jamf Reset enables a simplified and secure reset workflow. After using a device for its intended use, a user can initiate a complete wipe and be confident their data is securely erased.

Instead of making the end user go through Settings, General, Reset, Reset All Content Settings and confirming that they really do want to reset the device, Jamf Reset allows a user to simply open the Reset app, select Reset and instantly the device is back to factory settings and ready for the next user.

When Jamf Reset was announced on stage with UCSD, audience members saw how patients could manually delete everything off the device, providing them with the peace of mind of knowing that when they left, they took all their personal data with them; a reasonable request for every user, organization and industry.

One university I had the pleasure of talking to shared how they had a program at their library where students could check out an iPad just like they checked out a book. In the past, the IT admin provided a detailed sheet to the Librarian so they could walk the student through upon device check-in. Now, the Librarian only needs to go into Jamf Reset and three clicks later is ready to give the iPad to the next student.

Many organizations provide loaner phones for various reasons to employees needing to get a phone for a work trip, or while a phone is in repair, or for any variety of specific reasons. One organization shared that with Jamf Reset, the employee returns the device after the designated time and the intake person taps the iPhone three times and the device is back to Hello, ready to greet the next user.

These examples only scratch the surface of what’s possible with Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset. But seeing is believing.

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Danny Porter
Red Canary
Danny Porter is a Technology Partner Manager at Red Canary. He's passionate about building the ecosystem of technology integrations to help companies succeed in fulfilling their mission without fear of cyber attack.
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