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December 19, 2018 by Kerry Fortman

The possibilities of focusing on student outcomes with 1-to-1 iPad programs in higher education

See how iPad programs can help universities improve student engagement, student wellness and career readiness.

Improving and focusing on student outcomes is a key initiative for most higher education institutions. But which strategies should they be investing in? Although it may seem like a variety of tactics and technologies must be put in place, your biggest advantage can be one solution: 1-to-1 iPad programs for students. According to Campus Technology, a recent study stated 94 percent of higher education institutions said they use Apple’s iPad to enhance learning. Additionally, 87 percent of those schools saw an increase in their overall Apple adoption from the previous year.

1-to-1 iPad programs turn outdated systems of teaching into something that’s vibrant and interactive. Through these programs, educators allow students to access content, information and knowledge in ways that is most formidable to students’ learning styles.

Take for instance Maryville University who implemented a 1-to-1 iPad program with Jamf Pro. Through upgrading education technology to iPad, the college not only achieved higher student outcomes, but also cost savings of $590,000 annually by leveraging iPads over desktop computers. Time savings was a huge win for them, too. In fact, the switch to iPads reduced IT’s time investment through classroom device management and streamlined app deployment tenfold.

And for their students, technology is no longer a barrier; it’s an essential tool for learning.

Through 1-to-1 iPad programs, higher education institutions can improve the following:

1 - Student engagement

  • Promote effective learning environments and experiences for students
  • Implement curriculum and mechanisms that maximize student learning
  • Create optimal assessment and evaluation strategies
  • Reach students in a way that is accessible and interesting to them

2 – Student wellness

  • Help students find the balance of success and health

3 – Career readiness

  • Help usher career readiness
  • Assist with digital acumen, making students more prepared with technology prior to starting their career
  • Ensure students are equipped, comfortable and confident with technology to enter the workforce

Need more proof? Check out The Ohio State University, who successfully gave 11,000+ iPads to incoming freshman through its Digital Flagship Initiative.

As universities continue to search for new and innovative ways to offer the best education experience for their students, consider shifting your higher education institution to 1-to-1 iPad programs.

Want more info? Gain helpful insight on how to start, manage and thrive with your own 1-to-1 iPad program by downloading our higher education white paper.

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