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November 29, 2023 by Mignon Wagner

Securing the University with Jamf and Microsoft

The University of Glasgow embraces the strategic partnership between Microsoft and Jamf, using integrations to manage and secure both Apple and Windows at a glance.

Mixed fleet?

Instead of either/or, choose both.

Educational institutions and businesses alike have long grappled with the following question: should we manage and secure Apple and Windows devices through a unified tool? Or should we benefit from purpose-built Apple device management and security, sacrificing a single view?

Now, you can have it all.

Jamf and Microsoft understand the needs of organizations with mixed fleets. That's why, back In 2017, Jamf and Microsoft collaborated to provide identity and access management tools for Apple devices through seamless integrated platforms.

Years later, after extensive research, development and iterations, Jamf and Microsoft now offer joint customers like the University of Glasgow a wide range of meaningful integrations and workflows, several of which earned Jamf a membership in the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA).

Following the Apple ethos, a seamless and native user experience was a priority. For IT and Security teams, this meant no longer switching back and forth between Microsoft and Jamf tools.

Microsoft and Jamf integrations include:

The University of Glasgow's journey

The University of Glasgow is one of many organizations that embrace the power of unified ecosystems. Understanding that security with Microsoft and Jamf is greater than the sum of its parts, their team benefits from an at-a-glance view. They can quickly analyze platform-specific threats on all devices and networks in one place. This covers more of the attack surface and speeds up response times. That way, novel and known threats don't infiltrate, penetrate and spread— resulting in the loss of sensitive data or student information.

How it started

In response to the modern challenges facing academic institutions, the University of Glasgow undertook a transformative journey to enhance the management and security of its extensive Apple device fleet. They sought to elevate security provisions to industry standards and to achieve Cyber Essentials+ certification.

This journey relied on strategic integrations between Jamf and Microsoft as part of the institution’s ecosystem, enabling real-time management reporting, enhancing identity management, strengthening security and ensuring Apple device compliance.

Implementation and adoption

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive and unified solution, the university strategically adopted Jamf to manage and secure its Apple devices alongside the Microsoft tools it was already using. They knew that this decision would align with government standards, enhance cybersecurity provisions and support the hybrid work model— a model that empowers students and staff to do their best.

Taking up Jamf as a comprehensive solution meant having the best start possible to achieve their security-by-design vision.

A premium pilot using all products needed to manage devices, connect users to resources and secure endpoints proved highly successful. Jamf swiftly turned the vision into reality, ensuring IT seamlessly manages and secures Apple devices efficiently.

  • Jamf Pro manages and secures the Apple fleet with robust workflows for device and app management, inventory and security.
  • Jamf Connect streamlines provisioning, authentication and identity management, limiting security weaknesses manageably and thoroughly.
  • Jamf Protect safeguards endpoints and defends against threats, maintaining compliance and promptly responding to active threats.

Read the full case study "University of Glasgow: bringing Apple devices under the security of Jamf."

Security by design

With an Azure-based domain, integrating Jamf was a game changer for the university when developing a joint approach for the platform. This ensured that only trusted users on compliant devices could access secure university resources. Jamf Connect and Jamf Protect are fully integrated with Entra ID and Microsoft Intune and report live into Microsoft Sentinel.

Jamf Protect seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Sentinel. It pushes all Apple security data and events, as well as alerts, directly into the security information and event management (SIEM) of choice for organizations running Microsoft security. This integration enables the university to seamlessly monitor and protect its Mac fleet through the Microsoft Sentinel platform. This provides a unified view of security events across all endpoints and facilitates a more effective response to threats.

Power BI’s integration with Jamf Pro as a device management tool speaks to the importance of management-led security. IT can monitor MDM information on individual users, user groups and device statuses. This offers better insights into security aspects such as pushing upgrade notifications or enforcing upgrades of the operating system, specific apps and software. This can also provide analytics and detailed reports for stakeholders.

Seamless for end users

A hallmark of the university's technological success lies in its user-centric approach. Smooth enrollment processes with academic workflows in mind offered robust support for departments. Self Service — the university’s very own app catalog tailored to its user groups — garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Jamf is present when it is needed and quietly runs in the background without slowing down the device or user productivity. In short, the focus on user experience meant that security does not come at the cost of operational efficiency or user satisfaction.

This places their success story at the intersection of organizational security and usability, serving as a tangible example of how educational institutions are no exception to the modernization of security for all types of work and workplaces.

The University of Glasgow’s journey with Jamf is not only a technical success but also a testimony to the vision of Jamf’s ongoing collaboration with Microsoft.

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The intersection of management and security, Apple and Microsoft.

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