Virtual Visits, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

Virtual Visits powered by Jamf and the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust support patients, care providers and families amid the global pandemic a transformational moment in healthcare.

October 12 2020 by

Victoria Smith

2020 was a year like no other. We encountered a pandemic that changed the horizon for all of us. Most of us have been affected in one way or another however, for transformation in technology, it has been a way to break through the traditional road blocks of finances and time.

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust was quick to recognise that in the wake of the pandemic, disruption to patient care was inevitable. For many clinicians the work environment changed. This included different care settings and ways of working along with duties that now included being the sole contact for some patients. Despite their best efforts, it became apparent that social isolation was having a negative impact on many patients.

Because of this, the IT Team engaged with a number of suppliers to find the best, sustainable solution. The needs were simple; patients needed to be able to contact loved ones without the restraints of technology. By this, I mean user logins, devices and security all required a non-impact workflow. This is where Oxford Health, Jamf and Apple provided Virtual Visits.

Virtual Visits powered by Jamf is a telehealth solution that configures third-party conferencing platforms, such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom, to create a unique web conferencing account, negating the need for logins in order to connect patients to their care providers or loved ones. The link is sent to the receiving party and, once they open the link in their inbox, they will be prompted to join the meeting or download the required app. When the support for the patient is complete, the device can be digitally sterilised and handed to the next patient — all whilst ensuring patient privacy and security.

Here is the biggest takeaway: humans have always interacted with each other — it is a fundamental part of our being. And whilst this has been challenged by a pandemic and life has changed, Jamf has worked to ensure that these primary and fundamental needs are met.

Jamf’s healthcare solutions are perfectly positioned to help healthcare providers succeed with Apple. To find out more about the project at Oxford Health, download the latest case study. And if you're interested in seeing Jamf's healthcare solutions in action, learn more and request a free trial.

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