Why you can’t afford not to manage your Mac computers

Discover how a reliable Mac management solution can provide a significant Return on Investment (ROI) for organizations.

March 24 2015 by

Mac management provides a significant ROI for organizations

The fast pace in which technology needs emerge and change in the modern, mobile workforce require IT processes and practices to be agile and automated. Mismanagement often causes costs to be significantly incurred by IT and end users. One of the best ways to avoid mismanagement of Mac computers is to implement a reliable management solution that can introduce a significant Return on Investment (ROI).

Save your assets
A solution that can automate inventory, deployment, and security helps reduce the number of full-time employees and training required to manage a Mac fleet. Tracking licensed purchases also prevents an abundance of unused content from being purchased, and at the same time, ensures that an organization is in compliance with all of its purchases. And we can’t forget about hardware. Without a Mac management tool, these assets may walk out the door to be lost forever.

IT visits add up
A comprehensive Mac management tool allows IT to create custom software packages, assemble them, and remotely or locally deploy them to the appropriate computers. Integrating with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) also provides the ultimate in time savings for users when onboarding new purchased hardware.

To avoid trips to IT—or IT trips to users—Self Service can mitigate many help desk tickets by placing all IT approved materials in one location where users can grab them at their leisure. This allows users to be more productive and not have to wait on IT.

Security is a priority
Vulnerabilities and risks can be mitigated with the right Mac management tool. Capabilities like full disk encryption, software restrictions, and configuration management create a safe and secure Mac environment and significantly help avoid costs associated with risk.

Learn more about how a Mac management tool can produce a measurable ROI and help your business achieve success.

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