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Casper Focus in the Enterprise!

Michael Barrett discussed why Insperity chose Casper Focus over Apple Configurator to lock apps on devices.

AutoCasperNBI and the Casper NetInstall Creator

This highly anticipated session walked through the differences and uses of AutoCasperNBI and the Casper NetInstall Creator.

Deploying Active Directory with Self Service

Ross Derewianko and Scott LaPaglia examined different methods of using Self Service to automate deployment of Active Directory in an existing Macintosh environment.

Avoid the ‘Gotchas’ of Enterprise Cloud Distribution in Education

Members of the North Carolina University School System discussed their experiences of implementing a statewide, hosted instance of the Casper Suite.

The JSS API and Custom Workflows

This session detailed how National Geographic leverages the JSS API, web clips, smart groups, and unique workflows to access their database.

Because Mac is Cool: From Proof of Concept to Productive Platform

This session detailed a proof-of-concept project that manages their fleet of OS X on a single Mac Mini Server, and how they keep operations running smoothly with the Casper Suite.

Objects to Objects, The Casper Suite API through Ruby

Chris Lasell walked us through a Ruby Gem that greatly simplifies interactions with the JSS and gave examples on how the Ruby Gem extends the Casper Suite API.

Simplify Your Network Organization and Sites

Sar Haidar discussed how MIT uses the Casper Suite to automate software distribution and keep tabs on their deployed machines on campus. 

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