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April 14, 2023 by Haddayr Copley-Woods

Investing in the patient experience with mobile devices

Healthcare mobile device initiatives surged during pandemic restrictions. Now even more healthcare organizations understand how thoughtful implementation of mobile devices can improve the patient experience in healthcare while at the same time providing better and more personalized care.

What is ‘patient experience?’

The patient experience is exactly what it sounds like: it's how a patient experiences hospital stays, doctor visits and other contact with the healthcare system. This experience impacts compliance with medication or therapies, follow-up visits and communication with a patient’s care team. This is not only related to patient satisfaction and willingness to recommend the facility, but it also has a genuine impact on outcomes. Patients who can swiftly contact their care teams, have access to the right information about their condition, and find follow-ups easy to schedule and attend often do better— and return to the hospital less frequently.

It starts from how easy it is to make and attend the initial appointment, moves to the ease or complication of check-in, continues during exams or hospital room experiences and goes past checkout to follow-up visits and post-visit communication and data collection.

Improve the patient experience.

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement hospital scores

Tasked with improving healthcare worldwide, IHI evaluates and scores healthcare organizations through its Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey.

High scores are important for healthcare organizations as part of their competitive differentiation strategies.

The HCAHPS emphasizes patient experience to come up with these scores.

They’re concerned with: communication with and responsiveness to patients, effective pain management, communication about new medicines, patient rooms and the quality of information patients receive at discharge— including the type of care they will need after leaving the hospital.

The patient experience influences reimbursement

New reimbursement models weigh the overall patient experience more heavily than previously from both private and public payers.

For example, the center for Medicare and Medicaid services places equal weight on the patient experience as it does with safety, clinical care and efficiency.

How to improve patient experiences

Multiple studies have shown that patients want more control and a better overall experience while admitted to the hospital. Providers are searching for new ways to put their patients first by delivering more personalized care that not only increases patient satisfaction but also encourages better outcomes.

They often turn to a powerful, individualized and secure way to improve the patient experience: mobile device programs.

Mobile device impact on patient experience

Jamf’s survey of 600 healthcare IT decision-makers revealed that mobile device initiatives are key to improving the patient experience. 90% of healthcare organizations surveyed are planning to implement a mobile device initiative or have already implemented a mobile device initiative within their organization.

Use Apple and Jamf to transform the patient bedside experience

iPhone, iPad and Apple TV are designed with the user experience in mind. Not only do these devices provide a simple and secure experience for patients, but the platforms are also designed with security and scalability in mind. With Apple devices, providers can deploy innovative apps that engage, educate and entertain patients in new ways. This transforms the patient bedside experience into an educational and connected one.

Ensure user security and privacy with a dedicated management solution for Apple mobile programs from Jamf’s healthcare solutions. You need the right tool for the job rather than a management solution that is “good enough” for all devices, but master of none.

Jamf healthcare solutions

While Jamf’s mission is to help organizations succeed with Apple, our true purpose is to empower people with technology that puts humans first. That's why we’ve developed a unique workflow to deliver iPad and Apple TV to patients while admitted to the hospital, focusing on user empowerment and self-sufficiency.

Using Jamf Pro, healthcare organizations can provide an iPad and Apple TV to each patient as they are admitted — one that is pre-loaded with the right set of apps and resources. These could include:

  • Access to the patient’s medical record and daily schedule
  • Secure, private care team communications
  • Condition and procedures patient education materials
  • Entertainment and communication with friends and family
  • Discharge instructions

When a patient is discharged, Jamf Healthcare Listener —Jamf Pro’s secure EMR integration— automatically sends a remote command to the device to completely remove all PHI or PII. With Jamf’s tight integration with Apple’s deployment services, the device will re-enroll into Jamf Pro, ready to be re-configured for the next patient.

>> Read an overview blog post on Jamf Healthcare Listener’s features and services.

Secure patient data and healthcare networks

Year after year, the healthcare sector receives the dubious distinction of being the business sector with the highest likelihood of a digital attack.

>> Read about what makes healthcare such a tempting target and what to do about it.

Jamf’s solutions can secure Apple devices for patient experience with trusted access, content filtering, and endpoint protection. This not only provides safe and secure experiences for patients; it also mitigates risk for InfoSec and IT and protects patient medical, personal and financial records from prying eyes.

Innovations in Jamf’s healthcare lineup

You can improve your organization’s patient experience —and your bottom line— with Apple and Jamf.

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