Education state of the union

Jamf’s Dr. Suraj Mohandas, Aaron Webb, Dr. Emily McRoberts-Froese, Mike Lawrence and Valeria Tschida team up to update us on new Jamf School and Jamf Pro features, how to get involved with the Jamf education community and our community education initiatives.

September 27 2022 by

Hannah Hamilton

Education state of the union

Dr. Suraj Mohandas, senior director of education strategy, opens the presentation by restating Jamf’s goal to “empower student success” with Apple in the classroom. Jamf supports 36 million students in over 32,000 schools around the world, adapting with schools during education’s digital transformation of the last few years. In this presentation, we discuss how our key strategic pillars in education strive to:

  • Optimize our Apple Enterprise Management platform for education
  • Supercharge our education workflows to empower learner choice
  • Strengthen key partnerships to deliver a complete Apple experience

Jamf School updates

Aaron Webb, senior product marketing manager, discusses the first of these pillars. At Jamf, we aim to enhance the Apple education experience by finding the best solution for parents, teachers, students and IT admins with apps and security tailored for education workflows. Jamf School received a number of updates, including:

  • Enhanced support for large deployments
  • Improved macOS management workflows
  • Full Apple School Manager support
  • Apple Classroom support
  • Automated Device Enrollment workflows
  • Apple Silicon compatible scripting module and compatibility with your own Bash or AppleScript scripts
  • macOS-native Jamf Teacher app

Jamf continues our commitment to same-day support for Apple releases and ensuring safe browsing. Jamf Safe Internet integrates directly with Jamf School, providing security without hindering the experience for students. Jamf Safe Internet prevents harmful, inappropriate, unsecured and illegal content by using Jamf’s commercial content filtering and network threat prevention engine. It also features compliant policies out of the box for easy deployment. In this presentation, LeeAnn Lindsey and Kristen Mattson from Edvovle inform us about the importance of digital citizenship and how Edvovle and Jamf partner together using technology in the classroom to create good digital citizens.

The Jamf platform in education

Beyond Jamf School and Jamf Safe Internet, our products offer multiple solutions for Apple in education. Jamf Protect is purpose-built security for Apple with same-day support, active frameworks and a great experience. It maintains secure device baselines for compliance and protects against malware designed to attack macOS. Jamf Connect helps with your identity workflows by supporting cloud identity at every step, providing account provisioning and password sync and offering a custom login experience. Jamf Pro also received updates with the addition of App Installers for streamlined app installation and updates, a patch definition feed for third-party app tracking and a title editor for custom app title management.

We now offer new pricing bundles that unites Jamf School with Jamf Safe Internet, Jamf Protect and Jamf Connect. The Jamf Education Enhanced Plan includes the following at $9 per device for 1 year or $29 per device for 4 years:

  • Jamf School
  • Jamf Safe Internet
  • Jamf Teacher app
  • Jamf Parent app
  • Jamf Student app

For $20 per device for 1 year or $65 per device for 4 years, the Jamf Education Ultimate Plan includes all of the above, as well as:

  • Jamf Protect
  • Jamf Connect

Empowering teachers, learners and families

Dr. Emily McRoberts-Froese, education leadership executive, talks through our plan to supercharge our education workflows to empower learner choice. The Jamf Teacher app received a number of upgrades, including:

  • Navigation enhancements for increased usability
  • The ability for teachers to create lessons and tailor the classroom experience as needed
  • Zoom and FaceTime integrations for remote classes
  • Seamless switching between sidebar menu items without losing progress

We offer learning experience for learners and families. The Jamf Educator course provides on-demand learning related to classroom management and using the student, teacher and parent apps. We also offer a Jamf Safe Internet course entitled “Get Started with Jamf Safe Internet.” This course is a 6-part series about deploying, using, and reporting with Jamf Safe Internet. Lastly, the recently updated Jamf Parent App allows for parents to manage their children’s school-issued mobile devices during IT sanctioned hours.

Jamf and the educational community

Jamf wants to connect with you! Mike Lawrence, education leadership executive, discusses our Education Customer Advisory Board; this board consists of a group of educators that advise us on their experiences. We share the best stories in webinar episodes of the Jamf Breakfast Club.

Lawrence also talks about our last strategic pillar: to strengthen key partnerships to deliver a complete Apple experience. To empower our partners to reach you, we have hosted a number of events, such as the Jamf education fair, created guides and partner hubs, and more! We also have an education specific section of Jamf Nation, the world’s largest community of Apple admins.

Next, Valeria Tschida, community education program manager, gives us an overview of Jamf’s partnership with MATTER innovation hubs. These hubs are student-centered spaces that foster problem solving, creativity and active learning using Apple devices and Jamf. These 14 active hubs span 5 countries and engage over 4,000 students.

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