Jamf School helps Euroform deliver cutting-edge vocational training

With the support of Jamf School Certified Reseller C&C, the trade school network is using Apple technology to power positive learning outcomes across a wide range of professional tracks.

March 11 2022 by

Tim Herr

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Powering professional education with Apple

Apple technology is working to transform K-12 and higher education worldwide, as more and more educational institutions put iPad devices into the hands of students and faculty to enhance the classroom experience. One notable pioneer in these efforts is Euroform, a professional school network with over 30 campuses located throughout the island of Sicily. Supported by C&C, an Apple Authorised Education Specialist and Jamf School Certified Reseller with 53 offices in Italy and France, Euroform uses Jamf School to manage more than 5,000 iPad devices in a diverse array of educational environments.

Euroform offers a number of specialized vocational tracks, ranging from computer science and engineering to fashion design, cosmetology and culinary studies. While teaching methods for these disciplines vary widely, faculty members agree that bringing iPad devices into the classroom has allowed them to take advantage of new pedagogical methods and offer students hands-on experience that translates well into actual job skills. Computer science professor Domenico Ruvituso explains that Apple technology enables a curriculum designed to “merge traditional methods with innovative ones,” offering students the kinds of challenges that they will face in the real working world. According to professor of equal opportunities and education Martina Faldetta, using the iPad during lessons engages students and motivates them to take notes: “The lessons become more dynamic and formative.”

How Euroform uses iPad in the classroom

How the iPad devices actually function in the classroom varies considerably from one discipline to another. The engineering curriculum leverages the visualization capabilities of the technology. During the course of learning how to repair or install a car engine, the students might use an app that displays an augmented reality 3D model of the mechanism, allowing them to rotate and magnify it to add to their comprehension of the design.

Fashion students sketch designs on their devices, experimenting with placing layers on top of each other and examining different material types and textures; they also use the screens as references when sewing their own work. Culinary students use their iPad devices to create and update recipes on the fly, share them with peers and faculty and research combinations of locally sourced ingredients in real time.

Jamf School makes Apple device fleets manageable and scalable

“In a 90% digital world, technology in education and in labs has become essential,” says fashion professor Giuseppe Minniti. “Thanks to our partnership with C&C, we have all the brand-new technology in the shortest time.” C&C’s account manager for Euroform, Silvio Mistretta, explains how Jamf factors into this arrangement:

Euroform’s technological infrastructure is based on a cloud paradigm and uses advanced technologies such as Jamf School and the Apple School Manager platform. C&C helped Euroform to realize this infrastructure that let the company reach such scalability and stability of system levels. This system supported Euroform’s growth, making the opening of new locations over Sicily possible. Thanks to this cooperation, Euroform has become a case of success in Italy for its technological network.

Euroform IT specialist Giuseppe Cangemi elaborates further on how Jamf School plays an essential role in managing and supporting the Apple technology that drives improved learning outcomes:

When you manage such a huge amount of devices like here in Euroform, it is fundamental to rely on a stable, effective and easy-to-use management platform. These are only part of the many features we have found in Jamf School, which, as well as having a powerful and easy-to-use management console, provides the opportunity to use convenient applications such as Jamf Teacher. Through this app, teachers can monitor the class hour by hour and can distribute apps, software updates and documents in real time. This allows us to reduce time spent on technical support and focus all efforts on the learning process.

With their objectives so firmly grounded in real-world success, trade and vocational schools have particular need for innovative teaching tools that extend the learning environment beyond a traditional classroom setting. Through Apple technology and Jamf management solutions, C&C has succeeded in providing Euroform with a cost-effective and scalable way to maintain their iPad fleet.

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