New Setup and Reset apps, customer success stories take center stage at JNUC 2018

During the Day 2 Keynote, Jamf officially launches Setup and Reset apps and attendees hear Apple success stories from Ohio State University, Sewanhaka Central High School District, UC San Diego Health, Red Lion Hotels and Rituals.

October 24 2018 by

Daniel Weber

It’s the second day of the Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC), and who better to hear from then our customers explaining how they are purposefully using their Apple technology to empower the employees, teachers, students, shoppers and guests they support.

Instructional technology at Sewanhaka Central High School District

Jamf is proud to support our customers doing innovative work in education. There is little that lights up our team more than hearing how educational organizations are promoting digital equity among their students. Rob Pontecorvo and Brian Messinger of Sewanhaka Central High School District, a school district using Apple’s Classroom and Schoolwork programs and with a robust 1-to-1 iPad initiative (three employees managing 9,000 Apple devices), came on stage to talk about their exciting work using the GeoGebra graphing calculator and how they wouldn’t be able to do this without Jamf.

“Apple, GeoGebra and Jamf are enabling us to empower students like never before,” said Pontecorvo. Students all gain access to GeoGebra and eliminate the need to buy costly graphing calculators, delivering student equity across the board.

Pontecorvo’s teachers can monitor students’ classwork, distribute, and collect assignments in a paperless classroom. Utilizing the Classroom and Schoolwork programs, they have increased the ability to differentiate and personalize instruction.

“We believe so strongly in Classroom and Schoolwork, that these are the only tools we teach our new teachers on,” said Messinger.

Ohio State Digital Flagship initiative

Personalized instruction and differentiated learning should not stop in high school. Hager welcomed Ohio State CIO, Mike Hofherr, to the stage to talk about their groundbreaking Digital Flagship initiative.

“The world is changing, data says that 7 million jobs will disappear by 2020, and 85 percent of jobs in 2030 haven’t been invented yet,” said Hofherr. “We need to prepare our students for a world that doesn’t exist yet.”

Ohio State’s Digital Flagship program is a monumental step in doing just that.

Digital Flagship is based on three pillars – student technology, a coding curriculum and app development. As part of this initiative, a total of 11,500 iPads were given to first-year students this summer. Hofherr credited Jamf for making the seamless and personalized iPad rollout possible, and made app access incredibly easy for students by making IT-approved apps and resources available in Jamf Self Service for them to download on demand.

“The price of textbooks is staggering. Overall the cost of textbooks and supplies for Ohio State students in one year is $61 million,” said Hofherr. “I want that to be zero and this initiative helps us get there.”

A better healthcare experience at UCSD

Imagine if you had to provision hundreds of devices per day? Well, that’s what hospitals potentially face with new patients entering and other being discharged.

Jamf Healthcare Lead, Adam Mahmud, welcomed Marc Sylwestrzak, IS Experience and Development Director of UC San Diego Health (UCSD) to the stage. Sylwestrzak is no stranger to JNUC – he presented in 2016 on building UCSD’s patient experience initiative within their hospitals, an initiative that has grown tremendously in the last two years.

Sylwestrzak told attendees that while expanding their iPad count, UCSD needed a solution that automated wiping so care teams and IT weren’t bogged down with requests. Enter Jamf Healthcare Listener, a service available through Jamf Pro that allows for automatic wiping of devices after receiving ADT messages from a healthcare management system. Through Jamf Pro, Sylwestrzak’s team saves roughly 1,400 hours and over $65,000 annually that can now be put toward other patient initiatives.

That’s what Jamf strives to do — create technology that empowers our customers to empower their end users to use their devices to serve their customers and not waste valuable time managing their devices. Mahmud explained that through serving our healthcare patients, Jamf started to think more about the concept of allowing end users the ability to use a device for a specific purpose quickly and easily, then be able to pass it on to another user, no time wasted on the back end.

Mahmud excitedly announced Jamf’s latest creation – iOS apps Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset. Jamf Setup empowers people to provision devices for their own purpose. It enables a shared device for any workflow, where the end user selects the configuration appropriate to their role. Jamf Reset provides a simplified reset process, where a user can initiate a wipe easily and be confident their data was securely erased.

“We are able to provide a bank of tablets, use Setup to identify the bed a patient is in. Upon transfer, it is automatically wiped. We can also take advantage of Reset and have them wipe the device and ready it for the next person,” said Sylwestrzak.

Creating a better guest experience at Red Lion Hotels

John Edwards of Red Lion Hotels joined Hager on stage to discuss the incredible work Red Lion is doing with Apple TV devices, the Monscierge app and Jamf.

Through the Monscierge app on the Apple TV, Red Lion guests can view property features, upcoming events, see recommendations for dining or activities in the area, request guest services, and of course, watch TV.

“We’ve all seen the industry move forward with technology,” said Edwards. “Our vision is how do we make the technology experience simpler for the guest.”

When a guest checks in, all Apple TV configurations, settings and apps deploy automatically without the need for any manual configuration. Guests simply walk in their room and have instant access to a wide range of experiences and benefits.

The Apple TV devices are wiped between visits, delivering a truly personalized experience to all hotel guests.

Leveraging Apple, Microsoft and Jamf at Rituals

The last customer on stage was Joost van der Zwaan, ICT solutions architect at Rituals, introduced by Jamf Customer Advocacy Manager, Jeni Asaba. Rituals is one of the fastest growing beauty brands in the world, opening up two stores a week! Van der Zwaan walked through how Apple technology and Jamf Pro empower them to easily and seamlessly open these new offices.

Each store uses iPhones, iPods and iPads that are automatically enrolled in Apple Business Manager and Jamf Self Service. Each device has a different use case; Rituals staff uses iPhones to get inventory without Wi-Fi, iPads to perform corporate training sessions, use Office 365 and manage daily tasks like email and inventory. iPods are used as a Point of Sale and Rituals’ proprietary Skin Analyzer.

Rituals doesn’t just use Apple technology in stores — they are an all-Apple corporate shop, as well. After a pilot of 20 Macs in fall of 2016 and receiving great feedback from staff, they deployed 50 MacBooks, 650 iPhones, 700 iPads, 1,500 iPods over the next year.

“The Rituals and Jamf relationship began in 2016. We were looking for an MDM and both Microsoft and Apple suggested Jamf,” said Nico Wartenbergh, Chief Technology Officer at Riturals.

Join Jamf Heroes!

Asaba ended the keynote thanking our customers… but didn’t stop there. “While hopefully you know how sincere our “Thank Yous” are…now we’re able to thank you in a new way! I’m excited to introduce you all to Jamf Heroes — an exclusive new program where our customers can easily share your love of Jamf with others, get a first look at white papers/e-books, give us your opinion on the product and earn prizes!”

Incredible announcements and success stories from our customers! If you’re not already a member of Jamf Nation, take the gold standard of Apple device management for a free test drive and see how we can help you deliver purposeful Apple device experiences in your environment.

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