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Thinking Big: Scaling JSS Infrastructures for the Mobile Workforce

The paneled discussion examined the tough decisions that IT has to make when planning for the growth of Apple devices in their environment.

Enhance User Experience with a Clean and Practical Interface Design

This session detailed the benefits of a clear and concise user interface for not only for software distribution, but for any type of interaction you may have with your users.

Keys to Managing 20,000 Devices in One Year

The Rowan-Salisbury School District educated us on the DOs and DONT's when rolling out a one-to-one initiative. 

Peeling the Layers of the Casper Suite ‘AND’ Philosophy

This session provided a plethora of helpful tools to use in conjunction with the Casper Suite. 

Surviving the Post-JumpStart Whirlwind: Your Ultimate Guide

Tips and tricks for building on and maintaining the knowledge from the JAMF Software JumpStart.  

JSS REST API — The Key to a Better Night’s Sleep

This session explains how the JSS REST API can turn mundane and tedious tasks into automated actions. 

Policies 101: Unleash the Power

Justin Rummel discussed the power of policies and ways to successfully implement them throughout an organizaiton. 

Bringing the Casper Suite to Life with Virtual Test Environments

In this session, Rich Trouton suggested new ways to rapidly build OS X virtual machines for testing, using VMWare Fusion and ESXi.

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