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Minnesota school pilots at-home make-up days

For the lucky ones who haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing the polar vortex we’ve had going on this winter, we’ll give you a little recap—IT’S COLD. And we’re talking freeze-your-fingers-off, cars-won’t-start, and any-temperature-above-0-degrees-feels-downright-balmy type of cold.

The transformation of education technology: customer success stories

There isn’t much more we love than sitting down and talking with our customers. And it’s even better when we can capture those conversations on camera! The JAMF Nation community members are some of the most intelligent and positive IT admins w


Post by Tad Johnson, Enterprise Solutions Manager It happened like this: I was in Cupertino with a few colleagues, preparing for an Executive Briefing with local customers. We went to restaurant near the office to get dinner and a final plannin

3 Lessons for Apple IT admins from Cisco’s Annual Security Report

Post by Tad Johnson, Enterprise Solutions Manager Cisco released their 2014 Annual Security Report last week (free to download if you provide your email address) and it provides a good overview of the changing threat landscape for IT

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[Video] Working with Managed Apps

[Video] Scripting for Mortals

[Video] The New and Improved Casper Suite 9 API

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