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Apple Family Sharing? Bushel? What’s the difference?

We get asked many questions from our users everyday. Users who have families, own small businesses, or run IT for big companies. A question we get asked frequently is what the differences are between Bushel’s MDM and Apple’s Family Sharing. We think they can compliment one another, according to how you use each.

But they’re very different services, made for very different purposes. Here are some of the main points from both Family Sharing and Bushel:

Apple Family Sharing:

  • Family Sharing supports up to 6 devices.
  • Each user in your Family Account gets access to all iTunes and App Store Purchases.
  • Access to a family photo album to share photos with each others devices.
  • Includes a shared calendar for planning family events.
  • The ability to share your location with your family members (other members of the same Family Plan account).
  • Parents can set limits for purchasing content from the iTunes and App Store.
  • Shared payment information for all accounts.

Bushel MDM:

  • Device inventory shows you storage usage, warranty status, device encryption, and much more.
  • Easy app distribution to all enrolled devices through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program.
  • Configure company email accounts.
  • Send Wi-Fi network settings to devices.
  • The ability to remote lock and erase devices to help keep your information safe.
  • Set up policies for passcode locks.
  • Deploy FileVault 2 disk encryption on Macs.
  • Use of Apple’s Device Enrollment Program.
  • The Bushel portal is accessible from any browser
  • Open enrollment process let’s users enroll their own devices.
  • Unlimited device count. You can even set a limit for devices allowed to enroll.
  • Free Bushel account with the ability to manage 3 devices for free for life!

The above is a great starting point for understanding the major differences between the two. We encourage you to learn more about Bushel and Family Sharing.

Want to know more about Bushel? Visit Bushel.com

Want to know more about Family Sharing? Visit Apple.com

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