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[Video] Leveraging the New JSS Events API

[Video Case Study] Global Expansion, Mac Management, and the Casper Suite

When it comes to the Casper Suite, Paul confesses "I don't think we could survive without it." As a global, corporate organization, the ability to know what's going on with your Macs—both near and far—is crucial, especially when the pr

[Video] Managing Apps as Consumables

[Video Case Study] Management Solutions Aren’t Optional Anymore

Take it from a professional managed service provider—a management solution is "not something that's optional anymore." Joe Schram from Sparktivity sits down to talk about how his company uses the Casper Suite to help clients manage Macs in the e

[Video] The College Challenge: Mac Management at the University of Oxford

[Video Case Study] Empowering Instructors to Take Ownership of their Apple Devices

Jared is new to the IT scene, but so far he has found the Casper Suite to be incredibly intuitive as he learns to manage Apple devices across the board—from inventory, to imaging, to Self Service. As many teachers in Jared's school district pref

[Video] Does It Take A Ninja Or a Zen Monk to Manage Adobe Products?

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